Pre-Flop Strategy in Texas Holdem Poker

One of the most positive things that a Texas Hold’em player can do to improve his career to improve his play before the flop. The importance of good pre-flop is even higher in the form of No Limit as often lose the strategic game that characterizes patterns Limit rounds the turn and river.

The strategy will use in the first round of betting (pre-flop) to develop the basis of five variables: our cards, players who are on hand, the prior action, our sheets (stack) and our position.

a) Our Letters: To win at poker you need to play with good cards. The world’s best players are usually very solid players who are dedicated to manage the small advantage that gives them in the long term always play with better cards than others. We must have discipline and not be afraid to withdraw conflicting hands and play only potentially winning card combinations. So a hand like KJ unlikely we will win a big pot, while couples medium as 77-88-99 can become very profitable when we linked the trio on the flop. The same applies to other more speculative hands like suited connectors (connected letters of the same suit). We must be constantly aware that what is important is that when our hand is favored by the flop has really great potential to give us a big pot.

So if you have very strong starting hands (AA, KK, QQ) we have always come up with force to prevent other players to try to come in handy for those good flop for your speculative hands like small pairs or suited connectors.

b) Number of players involved in hand: The fewer players in the hand we are likely to take over the boat. It is therefore important to raise the stakes in case you have really strong hands. We do not want is that many players come and that the boat is great because as you increase the number of players and grow the pot, that pot is offering enough odds (pot odds) to continue moving players.

And we know that as more players enter the hand is more likely that some of them get a very favorable flop leave us without our head start.

c) Prior Action: If a player has bet or raised the ante and we have a good hand we must realize that is very different and we have put money into the pot or not we have done. That is why we must never do CALL type hands preflop with AJ or KQ as if someone bet resubir subsequently be committed to seeing the play and our opponents surely bring superior hands. For example, if we CALL resubir AJ and another player must avoid the temptation to stay in the hand by the fact that the money already invested in a boat. A flop with an ace does not guarantee success, not even a flop J-5-7 because it is very likely that we are faced with a re-raise with a pair of hands than our J (QQ-KK-AA).

d) Our sheets (stack): The size of our stack is also a factor to consider. If for example we have a huge stack and we get a couple as 88 can enter perfectly in your hand knowing that any player with fewer chips will we jump or go allin bet. We know we can meet this “allin” and we cover the rivals so much we can even raise the bet to make clear our intentions. In contrast, the same hand (88) in early position if perhaps short stack is not advisable to play it because we know that two or three would win the bet we will. And unfortunately, a couple hard as 88 will take the pot before three or more players.

e) Our position: As we are constantly reminding the position is the key variable in almost all forms of Texas Holdem. We have to remember what our position in the table. The closer we are speaking last, the closer we access the best information we can get on the round and its participants, before we reach the moment of speaking. Thus, we will play a more effective and win as much as possible to minimize losses.

If we happen to sit at the top, the boot information we have is limited to our own cards, we have no idea what they have (or what they think) the people who played after us so we must reduce the least our movements in these early positions.

The farther we are from the blinds more advantage we have and we must play more hands.

Useful Tips for Pre-Flop

– It’s best not to fall into the temptation to raise the pot with speculative letters (suited connectors). The only thing that would be helpful to perform this action, it would be misleading to give an idea to the opponents, and thus not assume that just went up strong with his hands.

– It is better to raise and reraise with older couples to TT.Nunca should move, that is not doing “Slowplay” with the Aces.

– From any position, but we play really strong hands and all the others we will carefully consider other variables such as position, number of players who are on hand, our stack …

– Couples and couples earning double sixty-seven percent of the hands in Texas Hold’em poker variant. That is why we have a great starting hand (AA-KK-QQ) will ensure we take the boat, we must take out most opponents.

Preflop odds calculator We have prepared a preflop odds calculator to help you know your chances of winning at Texas Hold’em as the first two cards you are dealt.

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