Mega Millions Fans Watch Jackpot Rise

Players and Mega Millions fans cannot believe their eyes! The growing jackpot has now reached $53 million! Players in the 12 states that offer Mega Millions won big with a total of 478,794 tickets claimed prizes. You don’t have to be an online casinos guru, nor do you have to love casino games, in order to play Mega Millions. All you have to do is really want to win!

Although many prizes were handed out this past Friday, no one claimed the jackpot. Three tickets almost hit the jackpot, but missed the massive money bag by one number! The three tickets were purchased in Ohio, New Jersey, and Illinois. Although the chances of winning are very rare, as much as hitting the right number on an online casinos roulette table or blackjack at a land-based casino table, like casino favorites Mega Millions is fun to play because of the possible thrill of winning.

Now, with the holidays almost here, more and more people are playing at online casinos, lotteries, and even vacationing at casino resort cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. With the time off from work, many casino fans want to gamble, have fun, and truly enjoy themselves while they celebrate the holidays with their families and friends. We will wait and see if there is a winner for the $53 million jackpot! Whoever plays – good luck and season’s greetings!

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