The Facts about Keno Odds

A lot of people still love to play keno even though it is true that the game’s house edge isn’t really favorable for the players. It still remains one of the favorite games and potential money earners for many gamblers. People often compare the excitement the game brings to that of a lottery. In fact, these two games, keno and lottery, do have quite a few things in common.

The question of whether the numbers you select on a ticket affect the keno odds comes up every now and then. This may seem quite common since both keno and lottery are number games. It is really elementary that the numbers you mark on a ticket will determine whether you win or not in keno. However, there are those who speculate that there are certain numbers that tend to show up more frequently than others.

There are those who believe that the specific numbers you mark on a ticket will have a direct effect on the keno odds. For instance, there are players who mark only the same set of numbers on every ticket they play. Others also wonder whether this strategy works or will it ever have any influence on the keno odds.

Another interesting offer made by casinos is that of quick picks, which is somehow related to the previous inquiry. Quick picks are keno tickets that have machine selected numbers. Some prefer to just grab a quick pick and won’t bother to select and mark numbers on their keno ticket themselves. The question here now is whether quick picks are better or are we better off picking the numbers ourselves. Can a computer or machine change the keno odds?

If we all go back to the basics of keno and recall how random the numbers are chosen, then we will definitely arrive at the same conclusion for both these questions. The keno odds will most likely remain unchanged whether you stick to the same set of numbers or not. The keno odds also stay the same whether you let a machine choose the numbers for you or you opt to choose the numbers yourself.

If you mark more numbers on a keno ticket you will have the chance to earn more. That however doesn’t guarantee that you’ll hit all the numbers you marked. You might be surprised that the odds on hitting 15 numbers will be astronomical. In short, since keno is a game of chance then you will have to lean heavily on your own luck.

There is hardly very little you can do to change the odds in keno. Marking the same set of numbers for every keno ticket or using quick picks won’t change a thing. The more numbers you mark only means you hope for a bigger amount of winnings and not better odds.

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