In backgammon avoid them or avoid yourself

Gambling players are not really barbaric beings, contrary to the belief of many others. Gambling players have their own system of behaviors while in the game. The backgammon in particular must be played by playing players with the most respect for others. For example, these are some things that a respectable game player should never do in playing backgammon:

– Specify the errors of your opponent and indication that you would not have trusted yourself. You are not reaching anything here but you are insulting your opponent. This just shows how little you think of other gambling players. Remember that no one perfect matches you. You do not want other gambling players to insult you, right?

– Telling another gambling player that he beat him that he was very lucky. This implies that you do not believe that he is a good decent player. Therefore, you will appear to think that you do not believe that he could have won without his luck that his skills are no match for his.

– Saying that your opponent is very lucky he did not lose a backgammon because you just won a gammon instead. There’s no point in talking about something that did not happen, so why bother? Especially if he just insults the other gambling player. The next time triumph a backgammon instead of a gammon instead of just talking about it so much. Walk the talk. You will gain more respect by acting on it, not talking all night long.

– Tell your opponent how big it feels to have won amid all those poor dice rolls. If you say this to the other gambling player, it means that you think highly of yourself, that you do not need luck to win, unlike it. You won, there is no longer any need to boast this much.

– Making noise and disturbing movements while the other gambling player is thinking about his next move. I would be in poor taste to do this since you are obviously trying to distract you from coming up with a good move. Really even if you are bored because you think that he is taking too much time, it does not produce riots because it would only take him longer to finish his thought. Maybe in the next game, make an agreement about time limits. If it is your habit however to make noise and unnecessary movements, you should try to get rid of them because you might get misunderstood. You could be qualified as an actuator.

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